Amazon-free shopping (for Europe)

This is a list of places where I like to buy (or would like to buy) my stuff, now that I try never to rely on Amazon and that I also avoid large corporate conglomerates.

The 👑 emoji means that there is a lifetime or similar long-term warranty on the products.


Beauty & hygiene

Clothes & accessories


  • Commown (France) 👑 headphones, computers (laptop or desktop) & Fairphone smartphones. You pay monthly and it includes repairs & replacements whenever needed.
  • Fairphone smartphone (5-year warranty and designed for easy repair)

Furniture & home decor


General: gifts, small things…

  • The classic, Etsy. You should look for sellers in your country to keep shipping costs (and pollution) low.
  • Uncommon Goods is aggressively gendered but has some cute stuff


  • 2023-01-16
    • Added:
      • Books:
      • Furniture: Herman Miller
    • Removed:
      • Books: Book Depository belongs to Amazon. Thanks for flagging, Allan!
  • 2023-01-15
    • Added:
      • Clothes: Loom
  • 2023-01-13
    • Big addition: lifetime (or similar) warranty, signalled by 👑 emoji
    • New section
      • Changelog
      • Electronics
      • Other
    • Full rewrite, completely different list
      • Clothes & Accessories
      • Furniture
    • Added:
  1. @alexture For ebooks I use, it seems to be independantly owned and the few books I bough here were DRM-free, although I saw they sell some ebooks with DRM too.

  2. @HCyclop ooo merci j’ai ajouté ! je t’ai pas crédité comme j’étais pas sûr que tu voulais ton nom là et que ton compte est privé, mais dis-moi si tu souhaites que je te mentionne dans le changelog !

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