Hi! I’m Alex.

Yes, this website is a horrendous mix of French and English. I recommend you consider it a fascinating insight into how my brain works.

About me

Hi! I’m Alex, someone who likes languages, spending too much time on the Internet, and complaining (a common side effect of being French).

Projects and interests


I’ve gotten over 20 Good and Featured Articles on the French-language edition of Wikipedia.

In August 2022, I was elected admin on the French-language edition of Wikipedia.

Diversity & Inclusion in Super Smash Bros. Melee

I started playing Melee at the end of 2015. In 2016, I became the community manager for LeFrenchMelee, the French Melee federation. In 2019, I became interim president of the organisation, and president in 2021.

I’ve organised two editions of the Eyes Open Conference in 2020 and 2021, a half-day conference about different issues with the goal to build « a better community, for everyone ».

I was also a key coordinator for Smash Sisters and women-led spaces in Europe from 2016 to 2021.

Réussir Mes Études

I created my blog, Réussir Mes Études, on January 12, 2012. It became the leading French-language blog for students and still receives nearly 40 000 visitors per month. I announced the end of the project on January 12, 2022, although all content is still available on the website.

Some of my appearances

About Wikipedia

About Melee

About Réussir Mes Études

  • In French Interview with Ma carrière en main to talk about my early career and my advice for young graduates looking for an internship or first job.

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