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I blog because I want to share my thoughts, which seems pretty obvious. The real reason I write is to find the person I’ve always wanted to become. For many years, I lost control of who I was. All that ambition, all those goals were pushed back. Truly, I want to learn how I can become more expressive with myself. I want to reconnect with myself. Blogging is only one piece of putting me back together.

The McNulty spectrum

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So over the last few weeks, I have been re-watching one of my favorite television shows of all time, The Wire. If you haven’t seen it, you should probably rectify that oversight. That being what it is, I’m currently making my way through Season 3 and I had a revelation of sorts: I might be a McNulty.

and you’re not alone in this exact state of mind! (minor spoilers for season 3 of The Wire)

threads by meta

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Meta’s new social network is interesting: an obvious strategic shot at Twitter just as that network is running into trouble, as well as a way to iterate on its aging Facebook property. To that end, it makes sense that Meta would piggyback on the fediverse of independent social networks that interc…

It doesn’t look like Threads is coming to the EU anytime soon, so I’m getting my first look second-hand. I have personal thoughts & a conflict of interest both as a Meta employee and a Mastodon user, so I won’t write anything myself about the feature in the foreseeable future, but I liked Ben’s post…


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In response to Sara Jakša’s call for blog posts about cooking 😀
ingredients and utensils for making coleslaw and BBQ beans laid out on the counter
I’ve gone through many phases of cooking and food over my adult life, including a number that I’m quite happy to have moved past, ranging from…

a sweet read on different eating regimens and the emotions they create

searching for a recipe

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We are looking after a friend’s place in the country and perhaps the hardest work is keeping on top of the vegetable garden. Ignore it for a day, and there are five large cucumbers, mocking you. My cucumber repertoire is somewhat limited; raita, quick pickle, sandwiches and, when I remember, Yan-K…

on the limits of searching for a recipe online, the problem with search engines, the problem with subscriptions, and the futility of trying to clean up this mess.