subtitle hell

Replied to this is the title of a blog post by Jess Driscoll (jess is typing)

I don’t remember when I started adding alt text to photos. That’s not to say I’ve been doing it for soooo long. Back in my hand-coded HTML days, it wasn’t a regular practice. It’s only been in the last ten years (perhaps less?) that adding alt text has become the polite thing–and then the right thing—to do online. I just don’t remember when or why I started.

What I know for sure is that I was inspired by someone else. Someone wrote about the benefits of alt text. Someone showed us how to add it

excellent post. however, to the point: As I’m planning to make video content again, I’m thinking about whether I want to add hardcoded captions. No! No you don’t!! Find a hosting provider that allows you to have a separate .srt file for subtitles. NEVER burn them into the video EVER. Some of us need to…