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Three years after I left Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I might have found a space where to both agree and disagree in peace, while growing connections.
a remote part of my brain is still expecting a somewhat violent reaction to polite criticism. Supposedly, three years off the cesspits that are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not enough to completely shrug off this intentional behavioural manipulation.

the mixtape n°2

Listened The Mixtape #2 – Ride Along by Sean TilleySean Tilley from

For this edition of the Mixtape, we decided to put together a blended mix of songs to accompany you on a drive!

I really love the monthly Fediverse Mixtape: a playlist of songs available on Bandcamp and made by people who have a Mastodon account. I think it’s open to the whole Fediverse, but they all seem to be on Mastodon only as of now – anyway, I enjoy the fact that they’re tiny bands with an…