a break from blogging?

after writing every day for a month, I feel like the blog came to a brutal stop recently. I didn’t even do the Europe2024 recap post, and let’s not even mention all the other kinds of blogging. I haven’t been interacting much with other people’s blogs either.

there’s a pretty big change going on in my life right now (announcement in 3-4 months probably, when it’s all over and dealt with!) and it’s been taking a lot of thoughts and energy.

and I’ve been very tired since coming back: it’s really hard to get back into the « normal life at Home » rhythm, even though I’ve been doing better recently.

I need to keep settling in, but the blog makes me uncomfortable because I don’t have the energy to write on it and I get sad when I don’t write on it. I should probably force myself to get some low-effort stuff (like this) out just to keep the « publish what you think » mindset and not end up taking a five year « break »!


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