Practical Doomsday

Read Practical Doomsday: A Sensible Field Guide to Surviving Disasters by Michal Zalewski

You’ll learn:
• How to identify and meaningfully assess risks in your life, then develop strategies for managing them
• Ways to build up and diversify a robust financial safety net—a key component of nearly all effective preparedness strategies
• How to adapt your prep plans to a variety of situations, from shelter-in-place scenarios to evacuations by car or on foot
• Sensible approaches to stockpiling food, water, and other essentials, along with recommendations on what supplies are actually worth having
Disasters happen, but they don’t have to dominate your life. Practical Doomsday will help you plan ahead, so you can stop worrying about what tomorrow may bring and start enjoying your life today.

The first two thirds were really really good. The third section is about self-defense and wasn’t too interesting to me, so I skipped most of it. Good book overall with some very solid foundations.

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