pride is not a riot.

pride is a party, and that’s amazing news.

pride is that one day when we get to fully celebrate who we are, and do it as a community, and stop having to fight.

pride is the day when we remember our existence can exist outside of a riot, outside of defending ourselves.

pride is the day when a megacorp will tell me they value my money more than they value the money of those who hate me.

pride is the day when I will write my pronouns on my face. it’s the day when I don’t need to choose the most masc clothes I own and I can put this adorable pink crop top that I can’t wear the rest of the year. pride is the day when I, and a thousand other people, can sing to Madonna on the street and not be afraid.

pride is the day when we get all this love and energy and gorge on them to face another year of fighting.

pride is a party where we celebrate that pride doesn’t need to be a riot.

pride is not a riot, and that’s amazing news.


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