bluesky through bridgy.fed

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Fediverse! I’ve been building a bridge to Bluesky, and they’re turning on federation soon, which means my bridge will be available soon too. You’ll be able to follow people on Bluesky from here in the fediverse, and vice versa.
Bluesky is a broad network with lots of worthwhile people and conv…

Federation is really cool and Bridgy.fed keeps delivering. Ryan does amazing work and deserves support!

Some answers on ActivityPub for

Replied to Some flaws with ActivityPub and integration by Elizabeth Tai (Elizabeth Tai)

Definitely liking how ActivityPub works with my two blogs. However, there are a few limitations.

I’ve been using activitypub for wordpress for several months now, before it was officially supported by and then Otherwise I don’t have any good knowledge of the plugin, so this is just « random user knowledge », not expert or even power user answers. But replying to two of the flaws you highlight…

testing lemmy comments from wordpress

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Bingo! How to post to Lemmy from Mastodon! @test [] Put
the title of the post in the first line. Then tag the lemmy community as though
they are an account. Then tag other people at the end if you want them included.
@paulschoe [] @piratepost
[] @fediversenews
[] @alghost

My turn to test: I’m wondering if posting from my Wordpress website, which is compatible with activitypub, works to post a comment to Lemmy. If that works, I’ll then have to figure out how to create a post in a community 🙂

This moment isn’t about decentralization

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I think it’s important to understand that what’s happening today in social media is not because decentralization’s time has come: it’s because Twitter’s time has gone.
Many of us have been wanting decentralized social networking for a long time — I’ve been a part of these conversations for around twenty years. It’s tempting to feel like people finally get it. But that’s a trap and a mistake. As always, quite rightly, most people want something that works for them. If decentralized tech gets them there better than the alternative (and I think it can!) then there’s a wonderful route forward for everyone. But decentralization is not the goal. The goal is always a human experience for people who do not and should not care how the sausage gets made.

Liking this and putting here with no comment, but a personal blog post on that topic may follow, tomorrow or in 3 years.

The fediverse and the AT Protocol

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Ryan discusses the differences between the fediverse and the AT Protocol:
I’m probably being a bit presumptuous, but I think there’s actually a difference between a European and American mindset here. (Mastodon is headquartered in Germany while Bluesky is rooted in San Francisco and Austin.)

Interesting take on a cultural reason why BlueSky and ActivityPub might be so different in design and in their relationship to community.

Even on Mastodon – Threads should be blog posts

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I’ve said this more than once about Twitter, threads should be blog posts. In the case of Twitter, it was about owning your content because who knew where Twitter would go…eventually. Well eventually happened and Twitter is down the shitter. Even on Mastodon, threads should be blog posts. Own your content. Stake out your space […]

Yes! The point wasn’t to move from Twitter to Mastodon and have it fix everything – the point was to move to a new platform and adopt new uses that make our social interactions nicer and more sustainable. Owning our content is part of what leads us there.