Styling internal and external links

Replied to Styling the external links on this site (Rach Smith’s digital garden)

One nice side-effect of doing this #WeblogPoMo2024 challenge is that I’m forced to look at my website every day, and I’m inspired to make little changes to it.

Love that styling external links is becoming more of a thing! 🙂 The « preview on hover » thing is something I have enabled on Wikipedia a real long time ago and I can’t browse that site without it anymore… but I never thought of doing it on my own blog. Hmm… maybe this should…

I have a Now page

Liked Now

🤩 Alex
🎂 30 ans
📍 Grenoble, France
📚 J’apprends | Learning CS50 – Introduction to computer science. Coursera: Introduction to technical writing.
🧳Je voyage | Travel Fini : Interrail en avril 2024. Prochain: probablement en juin pour le travail.
🏗️ J’y travaille | Working on…

made myself a now page! J’ai une page « Now » qui résume rapidement ce qu’il se passe dans ma vie !

Evil Author Day is a great idea

Liked Have the Delete Your Drafts Day for Our Blogs, but also Evil Author Day by Sara Jakša (Sara Jakša)

And then I remembered about the Evil Author day. It is celebrated in some parts of the fanfiction community on the 15th of February. On this day people can post their unfinished stories and probably also other art, with full intention to never finish this.

I love the idea of Evil Author Day! It would be much more satisfying than Delete Your Drafts day. Looking forward to offloading some stuff next February 15, and thanks for sharing, Sara!