How I got into personal websites

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Since we all here, lets talk about how you got into personal websites. Not how you got in the indieweb, but tell me about what was the trigger for you to start your first personal website.
I mean, it is also a first of the yearly events,…

Ohh, I’m a friend! I’m really, really glad to have received a webmention seen the post on your blog and realised that mine doesn’t support webmentions on the homepage and (hopefully) fixed it! When I was a kid, I didn’t really grasp the difference between a blog and a diary. This has come to bite…

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I blog because I want to share my thoughts, which seems pretty obvious. The real reason I write is to find the person I’ve always wanted to become. For many years, I lost control of who I was. All that ambition, all those goals were pushed back. Truly, I want to learn how I can become more expressive with myself. I want to reconnect with myself. Blogging is only one piece of putting me back together.

Have you “Moved to Substack”? –

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On a related note, when I browse from someone’s blog over to their Substack it feels like going from a sweet little neighborhood into a staid corporate park. A little piece of joy dies in me when that happens because it’s another reminder of the corporatization of the web.

Blogs just have a different, personal vibe to ’em and it’s a reminder of why they’re so cool.

Even on Mastodon – Threads should be blog posts

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I’ve said this more than once about Twitter, threads should be blog posts. In the case of Twitter, it was about owning your content because who knew where Twitter would go…eventually. Well eventually happened and Twitter is down the shitter. Even on Mastodon, threads should be blog posts. Own your content. Stake out your space […]

Yes! The point wasn’t to move from Twitter to Mastodon and have it fix everything – the point was to move to a new platform and adopt new uses that make our social interactions nicer and more sustainable. Owning our content is part of what leads us there.