Liked Round-Up of October 2023 IndieWeb Carnival by Pablo Morales (

Alex has a written a great post on self-care by focusing on news consumption. Right away you wrote, « Not only do I spend too much time on the Internet – I spend way too much time consuming content and news. » You took the words right out of my mouth. News isn’t limited to listening to reading it online, or watching it on the television (or historically radio). Now the news in the 21st comes in so many different mediums such as podcasts. I’ve seen an increase of this negative news. It discourages me to use any form of social media, even decentralized social media. I want to ignore but it seems hard not to even if you don’t click links. « Curating a me-friendly news experience » by « find[ing] the things that bring you joy and give your brain a break from the hate. » It’s important to step away from even if it’s for a little while. We can’t let it consume us to the core. It will make use dark and bitter. I catch myself becoming angry. You make a great point on finding the right sources and filtering things out by using an RSS reader. Even I as an avid New York Times and leftist news person, have to turn off my computer and throw my phone across the room to reattach myself to the world around me. It’s got to the point where I have to go into my terminal and turn off the Docker container and turn of my RSS reader. There has to be a better way for everything. Support local journalism because we need to know what’s happening in our hometowns and the places we live. We need to now what’s happening in our communities to make a difference and become aware what’s around us.