I’m doing good

I didn’t have time or inspiration to write my entry for the Indieweb Carnival this month around positive internationalization, so as promised a few days ago, here’s the very, very short thought I was hoping to elaborate on:

I recently noticed that I didn’t set New Year’s resolutions.

I have some goals, sure, like finishing a 5km run, reading 200 books, and writing half a dozen well-researched blog posts. But none of these is an attempt to change who I am.

This year, I don’t make resolutions because I’m pretty happy with where I’m going naturally. I don’t need to force-set a course to make myself better. I can just let it flow and keep doing what I’ve been doing: it’s working.

I’m glad I’m finally getting to a point in my life when I’m mostly happy with what I am.

Thank you and sorry for not finding the time and energy for a proper entry,! I’ll do better next time 🙂

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