24 low-stakes accomplishments of 2023

Here are 24 low-stakes accomplishments from 2023. No big brags, no important stuff, just chill and happy times.
(Bloggers, feel free to make your own! I got the idea from this Autostraddle post.)

EDIT on January 1st: wow, I was living in the future − this was from 2023, not 2024!

  1. Got houseplants that are not made of plastic.
  2. Did not get guilted into talking more to family members just because I don’t live 600kms away anymore. (Still saw them more than before.)
  3. Did the bare minimum sports-wise to feel good about myself.
  4. Read a lot of books.
  5. Did not read the books I didn’t really want to read.
  6. Was an intensive patron of my local library.
  7. Got beautiful pieces of wall art from said local library.
  8. Signed up for a food cooperative and got weekly fresh veggies grown less than 100km away from home.
  9. Cooked a lot and only got food delivery when I was really sick.
  10. Did not make up an excuse to buy more books once I had filled my to-read shelf.
  11. Went outside even when I didn’t need to run errands.
  12. Went through labour union training.
  13. Applied face cream every day.
  14. Visited a new country.
  15. Kept my job, considering.
  16. Took part in a bunch of Wikipedia contests.
  17. Wrote a bunch of articles about how much I enjoy editing Wikipedia.
  18. Wrote a lot on this blog.
  19. Leaned out of many depressing social media and news sites.
  20. Watched Singing in the rain for the first and second times.
  21. Read two (!) books in Italian.
  22. Got a hi-fi system and a bunch of nice CDs.
  23. Met cool new people in Grenoble.
  24. Watched the mountains from my window with a nice cup of tea – because buying an apartment back home is not a low-stakes accomplishment, but this is.

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