Bryony and Roses

Read Bryony and Roses by T. Kingfisher

Bryony and her sisters have come down in the world. Their merchant father died trying to reclaim his fortune and left them to eke out a living in a village far from their home in the city.

But when Bryony is caught in a snowstorm and takes refuge in an abandoned manor, she stumbles into a house full of dark enchantments. Is the Beast that lives there her captor, or a fellow prisoner? Is the house her enemy or her ally? And why are roses blooming out of season in the courtyard?

This recommendation from Tracy was a really fun and sweet Beauty and the Beast retelling.

It took me a while to get into the story, for two reasons:

  • I have no idea why I even started reading it since I’m very tired of fantasy and of romance
  • I didn’t know it was a Beauty and the Beast retelling and was very confused for a while (although not knowing didn’t make it less enjoyable, just more confusing)

But somehow the first point didn’t bother me and the second got revealed after I read a couple of reviews for the book on The Storygraph, allowing me to enjoy my read and be absolutely obsessed with Bryony the story.

Lovely characters, a plot has a few holes but is cute enough to be forgiven, wonderful spirit, funny jokes − sounds good to me, and if it sounds good to you too, it’s a quick and lighthearted read.

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