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Four Horsemen is a visual novel / SLG about homelands and the immigrant experience. Play as a group of four contemporary immigrant teenagers squatting in a World War II era machine gun bunker, trying to find a place for themselves in a pre-apocalyptic, present-dystopian country that has no place for them. Will you go native, turning against your own people to bury the past your parents fled to escape? Will you cling to your parents’ identity at any cost, at the price of being a permanent stranger in your home country? Or will you strike out on your own, turning against both your homelands to shape a destiny for yourself? Love is all you need…and also improvised firearms.

ok, ok, this is my last review for today, but who knows when my next « get sick, break down and refuse to get up from my desk all day » day will be?

Four Horsemen has four immigrant children moving into an abandoned building.

From there, a lot can happen based on your choices. I got a truly awful ending and a good ending that still made me angry, sad, and also got me laughing a few times.

It was a wild ride, fully worth the handful of hours I spent on the second run!


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