Freelance copywriting & translation

If you are interested in freelance translation / post-editing / transcreation (EN to FR) or copywriting (EN, FR) services, send me an email and let’s talk about how I can best support your goals!

First, let’s talk about my main fields of expertise:

  • business and marketing. I believe that marketing only works if your audience trusts you to deliver on your promises, and write about how to sell your products and services in an ethical and efficient way.
  • social science. I have a degree in sociology and am used to reading and writing about complex topics for non-academic audiences, especially by writing on Wikipedia.
  • tech, including developer documentation and app interfaces (UI translation and content design).
  • LGBTQ+ related topics.

(You can also check my resume to know more about the jobs I’ve had outside of my copywriting and translation work.)

Freelance translation, transcreation and post-editing

I translate content from English to French (France).

Are you trying to break into the French market? Be careful – we’re very special, very easily peeved people. ChatGPT won’t cut it here, with all the small cultural specialties we’re so proud of, and all the ways we love to deviate from what dictionaries tell us is « proper French » while maintaining proper grammar. Whether it be for a short catchphrase or for a full-length novel, I’m passionate about conveying the intention and energy of your original text in a way that will feel natural to your audience.

I can also polish a translator’s work (or machine translation) in a post-editing step to make sure that the content you publish is of the highest possible quality. Nearly every post from 2018-2022 on Meta for Business went through me before publication.


A few samples:


Rédacteur freelance

Envie d’améliorer le référencement de votre blog ou de devenir leader d’opinion dans votre secteur ? Discutons-en ! Je prends le temps de me renseigner sur ce qui vous démarque de votre concurrence et sur vos besoins, puis nous établissons ensemble une liste de sujets si vous n’en avez pas déjà une. Je saurai vous aider à séduire vos prospects (et les moteurs de recherche).


Quelques exemples :

Freelance copywriter

Do you want high-quality writing to support your company’s content creation and thought leadership efforts? Let’s connect! I’ll take the time to understand your needs and what makes your brand special. Then, we can build a topic list together or I can leverage your existing list. Time to lay back and let me blow your audience’s mind (and your traffic stats)!


A few examples:

Did you enjoy your read? I can do the same for you: send me an email to know more about my freelance translation / post-editing / transcreation (EN to FR) or copywriting (EN, FR) services!