Imagine a conference without blood loss

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This is a rant
I am currently on my first day of the PyCon Slovakia. And I had not be able to take the full advantage of this because of menstrual pain.
Usually on the first and last strong day of the menstruation, I get some pain. How big it is and how many hours it lasts depends on multiple factor…

I know, right???

Menstruation happens for about one week out of four. Ovulation is another couple of tough days somewhere in the middle.

And yet everytime we have a conference or really cool event we’re on our periods and can’t make the most of them.

It’s statistically impossible AND YET I believe there is a conspiracy at hand against us. Urgh!


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  1. Posted in reply to Alex (Imagine a conference without blood loss)

    I have to knock on the wood (is this even an English expression, or is it just a Slovenian one?), I am pretty lucky in this regard. For me it is just two days of pain and a couple more days of possibility of leaving blood stains.

    Which do happen – it did yesterday. Thankfully it was a material, where a bit of water and a towel solved it. I wish they would made pads, that I could trust will not leak, but I have yet to find good ones.

    I don’t know what I would do if I had to be careful of ovulation or had a longer menstruation. It is annoying enough as it is.

    And what I found surprising is, that I did not use to have this problem. And for some reason it only shows for tech meetings. I probably attended more queer then tech problems in the last half a year, but it was the tech (Python) one, where I needed to find the closest store for pads because of some really bad timing.

    At this point, I will 100% believe, that there is some conspiracy going around right now. *Glares at the yet unknown conspirators.* *Slowly leans over.* Do you want to bang together against them. 🙂