Light anxiety around writing for January 2024

I’ve gotten a bit lost in the past few days, because of a small surge at work and of the États Généraux de l’Information weekend (it was great!). I’m late on quite a few things related to writing, notably:

  • My participation for the IndieWeb carnival on the topic of positive internalisation: I’ve had my idea in mind since the beginning of the year, originally wanting to publish it as a 2-line note and then realising that it was linked to the carnival. It is entirely possible that I will give up and just post that note if I still haven’t found the inspiration for a real blog post by the end of the week.
  • Book reviews for January, which was a pretty big reading month for me (23 books as of Jan. 29). I loved many of them and want to write my opinion. At least this doesn’t have a deadline, I just like to be on top of things!
  • Also, of course, the usual general blog posts and ideas.

It’s giving me a bit of anxiety and the fact that I promised myself to publish 3 long-form articles on interesting topics in the first 6 months of the year isn’t really helping. But I love writing and need to « force » myself to start to find peace and happiness in the process that follows, so it’s all worth it!


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