On Glenique Frank Returning Her London Marathon Medal

Liked On Glenique Frank Returning Her London Marathon Medal and Undefeatable Bad Faith by Niko StratisNiko Stratis (Autostraddle)

In sports, we point to the trans women who place second or third or 6,160th and say that we are not winning medals anyway, so why not let us in. That we are weakened by our hormones or the years of our lives and letting in what few of us are vying for position doesn’t hurt anybody., But then what happens when we succeed? What does this say of trans women who work and train and struggle to compete with the desire to win in their hearts. They are not great betrayers of the cause by simply choosing to excel. We should all be so lucky to find ourselves at the front of the pack.

On the right to thrive and perform well as trans women in sports – can we get another narrative than « oh but trans women don’t actually win« , which is currently true, but also so demeaning?

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