Superhuman Industrial

Played Superhuman Industrial and Immaterial, Incorporated by Written by Linda H. Codega (@_linfinn) with Mandy Szewczuk (@junketss) for the #BeyondSupersJam hosted by riley rethal (@jaceaddax). (

The city of Middleport is a well-known hub for superheroes – not least of all because the Stormsign Initiative is based out of the Uptown Spire! It’s pretty cool, honestly, watching all these superheroes do their thing. And you might not be super-powered, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be a part of the action.

Lucky you, you’re an employee at Superhuman Industrial and Immaterial, Inc., a supercorp dealing with everything that goes into the production of being a superhero – from costume design to public opinion research, SIII does it all.

Type: solo RPG, 1d6.

I haven’t played solo RPGs in ages, and I finally just bought dice and a set of cards, allowing me to start playing again.

I decided to start exploring my new collection with Superhuman Industrial, which is played with 1d6 and something to record your story (in my case, a markdown doc in Obsidian, of course). The game follows the course of two days at work, as a non-superhero working in a superhero firm.

Your job is to take care of a superhero − you can be in any of 6 teams, and for this first run I was in the Presentation and persona department. This means that my job was to make sure the Cape presents well in front of cameras and has a likeable personality. So of course, I made my superhero extra-boring and my character extra-frustrated because neither is getting promoted, clearly.

This was a very fun game, which could be played in a pretty epic way but is definitely designed for office shenanigans where superheroes are a fun background. I recommend it, and it was the perfect way to get into solo RPGs, in my opinion − much simpler than my first, Thousand Year Old Vampire, which has more complex rules and always slightly escapes me.


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