blocking replies on mastodon

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I’ve evidently been living under a rock as a budding controversy has been brewing in the Fediverse. There is a two-year old proposal known as FEP-5624: Per-object reply control policies:
“Sometimes, users may want to…

I understand the idea of wanting to post and not wanting replies from anyone, I really do. But this brings me back to the question that I always seem to come back to: if you want full control, why do you rely on someone else’s platform? Get a blog! Curate comments or close them! Social…

This moment isn’t about decentralization

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I think it’s important to understand that what’s happening today in social media is not because decentralization’s time has come: it’s because Twitter’s time has gone.
Many of us have been wanting decentralized social networking for a long time — I’ve been a part of these conversations for around twenty years. It’s tempting to feel like people finally get it. But that’s a trap and a mistake. As always, quite rightly, most people want something that works for them. If decentralized tech gets them there better than the alternative (and I think it can!) then there’s a wonderful route forward for everyone. But decentralization is not the goal. The goal is always a human experience for people who do not and should not care how the sausage gets made.

Liking this and putting here with no comment, but a personal blog post on that topic may follow, tomorrow or in 3 years.