when I come back


when I come back from the trip I will:

  1. definitely take the time to add alt text to all photos from the trip (very hard with my current setup)
  2. definitely take the time to create a nice page with the itinerary and link to the post for each place I visited
  3. probably create a download folder for high quality downloads of my pictures
  4. probably turn the articles into check-in post types, once the page is done and there’s a dedicated widget in the sidebar
  5. possibly add geotagged markers for places where I had a good time
  6. possibly update french wikivoyage with these places
  7. maybe add gpx files to the trips with my (rough) itineraries within each city
  8. maybe print a lil book version just for myself

What else could make it nicer? Comments are open.

(Also, a quick reminder that I enjoy comments and mentions and emails. Lots of love to my sister who messages me after each post, she’s the best and it’s super encouraging!)

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