Another thing to do with your website


I’ve spent some time tinkering with the blog this week, notably reorganising the sidebar. This includes adding an activity ticker based on how many posts I made per week over the past 60 weeks and adding the « On this day » widget that I had been thinking of for years. Years!

Those ideas came from James’ 100 things you can do with your personal website. I usually steer clear of those because I run my blog on WordPress and am not fully certain what’s going on, and usually these lists are all about playing around with the source code or whatever all these techies are doing.

So I’m replying to his call for action and adding my own suggestions:

  1. Write a fun two-line biography for your profile.
  2. Archive your blog on the Internet Archive (I have more than once visited the 2014 version of this blog and found wonderful and/or cringeworthy stuff). (Bonus: install the archiving extension for your browser!)
  3. Share a themed list. Any theme. I made one for mobile games with no ads.
  4. Add yourself to a blogroll. Not sure where? Try out (or, if you blog in French,
  5. Add a link to one news source you trust and recommend people subscribe to. Let’s support independent and high quality news reporting. Try out Rest of World (in English) and Afrique XXI (in French)!
  6. Write a monthly review for your life. It can be media-related like mine, or stats-based like Jeremy’s, or anything else that works for you.

Your turn! What are your suggestions of things to do on your blog?

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