Where have all the websites gone?

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So when we wonder where all the websites have gone, know it’s the curators we’re nostalgic for because the curators showed us the best the web had to offer once upon a time. And the curators— the tenders, aggregators, collectors, and connectors— can bring us back to something better. Because it’s still out there, we just have to find it.


Open a Linktree account or whatever. And instead of adding your other social media accounts, add three links to your favorite blog posts. Or, add links to a few artists with their own sites. Or your favorite aggregator sites. It doesn’t matter what you include, so long as we make portals to other digital green spaces that exist outside of Instagram.

IndieWeb pour WordPress – l’esprit POSSE

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Dans le billet précédent, je vous ai expliqué comment connecter WordPress au Fediverse, grâce au protocole ActivityPub, ajouté au blog via une extension (plugin). Mais il existe une autre manière d’interconnecter WordPress avec Mastodon par exemple, voire le Web globalement : l’inscrire au…

Et une ressource indieweb en français de plus, une !

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Three years after I left Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, I might have found a space where to both agree and disagree in peace, while growing connections.
a remote part of my brain is still expecting a somewhat violent reaction to polite criticism. Supposedly, three years off the cesspits that are Twitter, Facebook and Instagram are not enough to completely shrug off this intentional behavioural manipulation.

How I got into personal websites

Replied to Send a Friend a Webmention Day or Some of my Thinking about Webmentions by https://sarajaksa.eu/2023/07/send-a-friend-a-webmention-day-or-some-of-my-thinking-about-webmentions/Sara Jakša (sarajaksa.eu)

Since we all here, lets talk about how you got into personal websites. Not how you got in the indieweb, but tell me about what was the trigger for you to start your first personal website.
I mean, it is also a first of the yearly events,…

Ohh, I’m a friend! I’m really, really glad to have received a webmention seen the post on your blog and realised that mine doesn’t support webmentions on the homepage and (hopefully) fixed it! When I was a kid, I didn’t really grasp the difference between a blog and a diary. This has come to bite…

searching for a recipe

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We are looking after a friend’s place in the country and perhaps the hardest work is keeping on top of the vegetable garden. Ignore it for a day, and there are five large cucumbers, mocking you. My cucumber repertoire is somewhat limited; raita, quick pickle, sandwiches and, when I remember, Yan-K…

on the limits of searching for a recipe online, the problem with search engines, the problem with subscriptions, and the futility of trying to clean up this mess.