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Femmes et queers, la double peine

(Par contre je suis la seule gĂŞnĂ©e par la formulation « femmes de la communautĂ© LGBTQI+ » ? On dirait une formulation de Science Po Ă  base d’euphĂ©misme, dans la lignĂ©e de « handicapable » ou « personne issue de la diversitĂ© visible », alors que : « femmes trans, lesbiennes et bies+ » existe)

en gĂ©nĂ©ral, toute mention de « la communautĂ© LGBTQ+ » me dĂ©plaĂ®t fortement et me donne moins confiance en ce que je lis. les personnes LGBTQ ne forment pas une communautĂ© unique et homogène, n’ont ni les mĂŞmes besoins, ni les mĂŞmes aspirations. j’ai le sentiment que dĂ©crire les personnes LGBTQ comme « une communauté » facilite et justifie…

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For a while I was deeply into the podcasting universe, but these days I really just want text that I can consume in my own way, at my own pace, using my own imagination. Call it impatience. But I love that podcasts exist and that so many people make and listen.

Same here, my format preferences really ebb and flow. A podcast with a transcript or with detailed show notes will do the trick beautifully if you want to keep me loyal over several months of years!

I don’t use generalist search engines anymore

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After reading Casey Newton’s post on Google playing catch up with AI via Bard I’ve been prompted to complete some thoughts I’ve had brewing about search. When I want to research a new product I no longer go to Google. The clickbait and ill-informed reviews of products are a waste of my time. They reveal […]

Search engines have been my bane recently, especially for product reviews. Actually, I’m afraid that the internet has become an issue of itself these past days. Books are written by AI. Looking for a tutorial on Google will give you badly translated pages that spend 90% of the page on boilerplate information about the product…

Meditation during COVID-19

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I’m working on my next book, which is about how to reach the mind through the body and the five senses—because my mind is my body, and my body is my mind. I was drawn to this subject because I wanted to shake myself awake. Too often, I felt numbed, overwhelmed, or absent-minded–or should I […]

In which I discuss how I’ve replaced my meditation routines with recess and fun, during COVID-19.