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Definitely liking how ActivityPub works with my two blogs. However, there are a few limitations.

I’ve been using activitypub for wordpress for several months now, before it was officially supported by and then Otherwise I don’t have any good knowledge of the plugin, so this is just « random user knowledge », not expert or even power user answers. But replying to two of the flaws you highlight…

reply to sara on sponsoring women

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Pred kratkim sem ponovno prebrala članek What does sponsorship look like?. Govori predvsem v tem, kakšna je razlika med mentoriranjem in sponzoriranjem ljudi.
Sama pri sebi opazujem, da sem še vedno slaba v dejanskem sponzoriranjem ljudi. Ne vem zakaj, mogoče nisem pretirano dobra v tem, da prep…

In my opinion, being the only woman in your org and staying there and existing there and advocating for yourself is already a huge militant step. I also don’t think there is a responsibility for women to sponsor other women, specifically – anyone can and should sponsor women (and people of other minorities, of course).…

How I got into personal websites

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Since we all here, lets talk about how you got into personal websites. Not how you got in the indieweb, but tell me about what was the trigger for you to start your first personal website.
I mean, it is also a first of the yearly events,…

Ohh, I’m a friend! I’m really, really glad to have received a webmention seen the post on your blog and realised that mine doesn’t support webmentions on the homepage and (hopefully) fixed it! When I was a kid, I didn’t really grasp the difference between a blog and a diary. This has come to bite…

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Publié le 30 juin 20222 août 2022 par Nicolas Lœuillet
On se dit qu’on va seulement s’investir pour sa ville.
On se dit qu’on veut participer aux idées de projets communaux.
Juste regarder.
On se dit que, bon, de toute façon, on ne passera pas. On regardera comment ça fonctionne. Et puis…

Merci pour cet article tout doux sur le rôle d’élu local. Je me tâte à m’investir dans ma nouvelle ville, mais je ne sais pas si tes propos tiennent la route quand on vit dans une ville plus grande – même au niveau du quartier on parle de dizaines de milliers de personnes, et je…

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One of the many great things about the Fediverse (Mastodon, PixelFed, Lemmy, etc) is that your account is portable.
Let’s say you’re bob@social.boring and, one day, you decide to move your account to foxyfun@furryextreme.yif. Well, with a few clicks of a button, all of your old followers are now fol…

I entirely agree with your post, and feel like this is a pretty big problem with most of the Fediverse (with maybe the exception of Mastodon): it was not built with moderation in mind and now that it’s taking off, admins & users are unprepared for many possible types of abuse. One of the many…

testing lemmy comments from wordpress

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Bingo! How to post to Lemmy from Mastodon! @test [] Put
the title of the post in the first line. Then tag the lemmy community as though
they are an account. Then tag other people at the end if you want them included.
@paulschoe [] @piratepost
[] @fediversenews
[] @alghost

My turn to test: I’m wondering if posting from my Wordpress website, which is compatible with activitypub, works to post a comment to Lemmy. If that works, I’ll then have to figure out how to create a post in a community 🙂

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I wrote a post a few weeks ago about writing content in other languages and marking it up using h-entry tags. There is something so satisfying to write in different languages. Different parts of my brain activate and it works differently in each language. I also « become a different » person as each l…

pablo, félicitations pour ta première vidéo et bon courage pour ton apprentissage du français !

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Femmes et queers, la double peine

(Par contre je suis la seule gênée par la formulation « femmes de la communauté LGBTQI+ » ? On dirait une formulation de Science Po à base d’euphémisme, dans la lignée de « handicapable » ou « personne issue de la diversité visible », alors que : « femmes trans, lesbiennes et bies+ » existe)

en général, toute mention de « la communauté LGBTQ+ » me déplaît fortement et me donne moins confiance en ce que je lis. les personnes LGBTQ ne forment pas une communauté unique et homogène, n’ont ni les mêmes besoins, ni les mêmes aspirations. j’ai le sentiment que décrire les personnes LGBTQ comme « une communauté » facilite et justifie…

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For a while I was deeply into the podcasting universe, but these days I really just want text that I can consume in my own way, at my own pace, using my own imagination. Call it impatience. But I love that podcasts exist and that so many people make and listen.

Same here, my format preferences really ebb and flow. A podcast with a transcript or with detailed show notes will do the trick beautifully if you want to keep me loyal over several months of years!