Towards a homemade web (roundup)

I’m trying a new format, which is sharing 3-5 links (with context) on one given topic. I’m starting with what I believe to be the easiest one, since I already have a giant collection about it: moving towards a homemade web.

This is inspired by Tracy Durnell’s « article pairings ».

The problem

The Internet isn’t meant to be so small is a good explanation of the current Internet situation.

the internet wasn’t supposed to be like this. It wasn’t supposed to be six boring men with too much money creating spaces that no one likes but everyone is forced to use because those men have driven every other form of online existence into the ground.

The wall of text

Rediscovering the small web is full of hope and goes into detail about why we got here, what can be done, what can’t, and what else to think about.

The solution

The Handcrafted Artisanal Web

Nadreck shares a few personal rules, including posting at least once a week on your website, visiting other people’s websites, and promoting other people’s work on your own website and on your social media if you use social media.

The radical

In his blog post Permission, Jeremy encourages us to completely leave Google. After all, the service is getting worse and worse and we don’t benefit from them anymore, especially with the new Gemini updates; why should we keep giving them value by donating our creations to their index?


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