📱 Phone: Fairphone 4 with Android. Apps gotten via Google Play or F-droid.

🖥️ Computer: running Linux Mint, Cinnamon Edition.

📺 Television: Freebox Pop.

🌐 Browser: Firefox all the way.

🔐 Password Management: Bitwarden.

🔍 Search: Kagi has been really good to me recently.

Keyboard: AZERTY norme AFNOR is so, so much better than regular AZERTY!

⌨️ Blogging:, which is very usable on mobile web too, with a bunch of plugins.


📨 Mail Client: FastMail is indie, has no ads, and is safer-than-most without being fully privacy oriented. I was looking for an independent email client that had a web version and a decent mobile app and I’m really happy with this one.

📮 Mail Server: Whatever my friend set up for me when he helped me create my domains, I guess − through OVH.

🙍🏻‍♂️ Contacts: Obsidian and my phone’s contacts.

💬 Chat: Through Beeper, I federate my messages from Discord, WhatsApp, Instagram, Signal, Telegram, SMS, Matrix and Messenger. It’s pretty cool. My preference, in order, is Signal > WhatsApp > Email > SMS > everything else. One thing that makes me happy with Beeper is that I don’t have to open the god-forsaken apps that Discord and Telegram are. I hate them!

Personal organization

📝 Notes: Obsidian all the way.

To-Do: I was using Todoist even before it got an Obsidian integration!

📆 Calendar: FastMail, synced through DAVx5 with Google Calendar for my phone. On my phone, I also got the ToDo Agenda app for a homepage widget.

📁 Cloud File Storage: Nextcloud

📑 Read It Later: Starred on Inoreader or, if text-only, sent to my e-reader via Push to Kindle.

📜 Word Processing: Obsidian.

📈 Spreadsheets: Excel. LibreOffice Calc makes me want to die, unfortunately.

📊 Presentations: PowerPoint for the same reason.

📄 PDF reader: FoxIt Reader.


📷 Photo Management: Nextcloud with Les Pas. I have my own cloud and create one album per month. Duplicate or bad photos go to the trash. What I’ll remember fondly in 10 years when looking at photos goes into the album. Decent quality photos that don’t hold emotional value go on Wikimedia Commons and then get trashed, so that I can revisit them and they can be used but I can focus on photos of my loved ones or of really special events.

🎵 Music: Bandcamp, Resonate, but more often than anything else, a good old CD player in my living room!

📚 Reading: on a Kindle Paperwhite (haven’t found a non-Amazon one more suited to my needs), through Anna’s Archive or legit websites, tracked on The Storygraph.

🎤 Podcasts: Podcast Addict.


📖 RSS: Inoreader. I really like being able to create my own curated RSS feeds, and the YouTube integration, which means I never open YouTube for discovery, I just look at what my fave creators have recently posted.

📰 News: all via Inoreader. In terms of mainstream media I have a subscription to Médiapart, Le Monde and Libération. I also read the Portail des médias indépendants (with a couple of subscriptions there too including Les Jours and Socialter), and got the 15€ per year BNF access to Europresse for others (a lifesaver for Wikipedia references). I also have an on-and-off relationship with L’Équipe. I’ve talked about all this in this post: Improving our relationship to news.

🔖 Bookmarks: depends on what you mean by bookmarks. Long-form reading notes go into Obsidian (although I sometimes post them on my blog if they’re worth it), some stuff goes into my website as a « Like », and the frequently-used resources go into my Firefox bookmarks.

Health & Home

🛒 Shopping Lists: Todoist.

🍴 Meal Planning: LoseIt.

💰 Personal Finance: I used to rely a lot on You Need a Budget but it’s been broken for me for a few months and I haven’t found a satisfying alternative yet.

Habit tracker: Loop (on Android through F-droid, no computer or web version)

🩸 Hormonal cycle tracker: Clue. Drip is missing two of the three features I want. Drip and Clue are the only apps I’ve found that don’t aggressively gender me in the feminine and/or really focus on pregnancy. I’m not attached to Clue but simply haven’t found anything that covers my needs yet.