Played Com__et (

Everyone has always shown You the path to follow. And so You do, because you ____ ____ ____ want to end up with Him.
But then You can play again, maybe if You say something different ___ ____ ____ to Her, it could go another way.
Maybe You’ll even see the hidden _____ ____ ____ __ _ ____ End.

A visual novel about words and choices being hidden from You until you find a way to reveal them.

📝 6000 words
💿 4 songs, including a dynamic track
☠️ 5 dead ends
❌ 1 false end
🕛 1 ____ End

A tiny visual novel which can be played (with slightly weird formatting) on Android or on a computer.

The concept of sentences in the game, but new words completely changing the meaning of the sentences when they’re added after a couple of runs, is really excellent.

Highly recommended.

From the authors, there are content warnings for:

  • Violence and Death – specifically text descriptions of violent death with some sound effects
  • Text descriptions of blood
  • Homophobia
  • Sexism

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