Récap de juin 2024 / June 2024 in review

It’s been an intense month − again!

The month included a lot of documentation triage, so more papers & blog posts links than usual. This trend should keep going for another ~8 months if I manage to keep this rhythm (which is unlikely).

During the month of June, here’s some stuff that happened:

  • I went to Pride in Grenoble and an old man passing by told me that people there were predators, to which I answered « oh no sir I actually am the predator » without thinking.
  • My country collapsed.
  • I started a 100-day challenge of doing 100 squats per day.
  • I got into blockchain? Well, I read and learned a lot about blockchain-related things. It was very instructive.
  • I met a bunch of wonderful people!
  • I started taking allergy medication and weirdly enough I also started feeling less sick all the time. Probably a coincidence.
  • I finished physical therapy for my knee, meaning it still hurts but now we don’t care anymore.
  • I carried the Olympic torch with a few absolute legends.

And more, but that’s what I can think of right now.

What I’ve read / Texte

📚 Books / Livres

I’m still catching up on some May 2024 book reviews, but I’m making good progress. As usual, this is a list of the books I recommend. For a full list of what I’ve read, check The Storygraph.

In English

  • Fiction
    • Every Time You Hear That Song, by Jenna Voris, was a very cute Young Adult romance and music adventure and I liked it.
    • Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé wrote another absolute banger of a young adult / dark academia thriller, Where Sleeping Girls Lie
    • Restless Dolly Maunder, Kate Grenville
    • Holly, Stephen King
  • Non-fiction
    • Blockchain Radicals: How Capitalism Ruined Crypto and How to Fix It, by Joshua Dávila
    • Blood in the Machine: The Origins of the Rebellion Against Big Tech, Brian Merchant
    • Some People Need Killing: A Memoir of Murder in My Country, by Patricia Evangelista

En français

  • Fiction
    • Blanc autour, Wilfrid Lupano et Stéphane Fert, une BD sur une école pour jeunes filles noires avant la guerre de Sécession américaine.
  • Non-fiction
    • Mangeuses : Histoire de celles qui dévorent, savourent ou se privent à l’excès, Lauren Malka

🔍 Papers / Articles académiques

In English

  • Kuznetsov, D., & Ismangil, M. (2020). YouTube as Praxis? On BreadTube and the Digital Propagation of Socialist Thought. In tripleC: Communication, Capitalism & Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society (Vol. 18, Issue 1, pp. 204–218). Information Society Research.

En français

  • Volpe, Valeria, et Ornella Zaza. « Les arrangements de l’innovation numérique dans les territoires ruraux. Une comparaison France-Italie », Espaces et sociétés, vol. 191, no. 1, 2024, pp. 31-47.
  • Froidevaux, Solène, et Claire Nicolas. « Penser les corps sportifs en féministes », Nouvelles Questions Féministes, vol. 43, no. 1, 2024, pp. 12-25.

📰 News and blog posts / Articles

In English

En français

What I’ve watched / Vidéo

🎞 Movies / Films

Rewatched Dodgeball with my friend Ben. Watched Bottoms, which made me feel extremely old, and Civil War (2024), which I paused at one point because my FreeCell game was too interesting and I needed to focus.

A few friends and myself have decided to do watch parties of cringe 2000s comedies. I’m very excited for La Tour Montparnasse Infernale and I think we’ll start in August!

📺 TV Shows / Séries

Mehdi and I are watching season 2 of Girls5Eva. It’s brilliant.

I watched Daisy Jones and the Six. The first episode was excellent, but it was a scam and I quickly grew extremely bored. I have one episode to go and I just can’t find the will to watch it.

I made progress on season 4 of Star Trek TNG. I miss lil’ Crusher.

📷 Online video / Vidéos en ligne

In English

En français

What I’ve listened to / Audio

🎤 Podcasts

Tous mes bons épisodes de podcast de ce mois-ci sont en français.

🎹 Music

I found the Rest of World playlist really excellent and listened to it a lot, before realizing I could also get the top played songs per country on Spotify (no, I don’t use Spotify) and acquire them.

Here’s one gem from the Vietnamese playlist:

What I’ve played / Jeux

I’m going through the Black Lives Matter & Palestine Relief bundles on and finally playing a bunch of them, including:

I’ve also played a bunch of tabletop games, because my friends opened up a game bar in Grenoble! If you’re ever nearby, it’s in the Berriat neighbourhood close to La Belle Électrique, they have good alcohol, excellent ginger beer and kombucha, and a bunch of wonderful games. I highly, highly recommend spending time there, at La Tanière au coin du jeu !

Where I’ve been / Lieux

I went to Dublin for a few days and most importantly, to say goodbye to some of my colleagues that I won’t see again. It was really nice, although bittersweet.

I then went directly to Paris, while sick as hell, where I met my future colleagues (they’re wonderful) and attended the office’s Summer Party, another chance to say goodbye to a few absolutely wonderful people.

Then, I finally went back to Grenoble, where I mostly tried to survive for a couple of weeks. It would have been hard after running around like this in any case, but with that heat? Nah, man. At least, La Tanière au coin du jeu has AC, and my ceiling fans are doing an outstanding job.


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