November 2023 in review / Récap de novembre 2023

The final month of 2023 is finally starting and the year has been long and transformative. I’ll have a lot to say in my recap of the year, and it’s all a bit overwhelming sometimes.

Apologies for the photo: it’s the only one I took last month.

I’ve been writing quite a bit on here. For instance, I talked about my default apps, and in French I wrote a recap of my 6.5 years and 1000 pages on French Wikipedia. I also made other people write, as I was this month’s host of the IndieWeb carnival. People talked about community and belonging, and I read it all, and I loved all of it.

My personal life took a bit of a turn. I’ve now fully accepted that my job is not satisfying and won’t be until my employer makes big changes that are out of my control. This means I’ve finally spent time doing things that matter way more to me instead of sitting at my desk fighting off the anxiety of being useless. I got several days off for a 3-day work union training that was really worth doing (sign up for yours!), and I dedicated a lot of time and energy to Wikimédia France, where I’ve been elected to the Board of Trustees for a 3-year mandate. Exciting!

What I’ve been reading / Texte

📚 Books

Here are some books I enjoyed in November 2023 :

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En français :

🔍 Articles académiques

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📰 News and blog posts

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What I’ve watched / Vidéo

📺 TV Shows / Séries

I’ve been watching:

  • Kaamelott season 6, and I’m not sure why.
  • A League of their Own, which is glorious and of course got cancelled.
  • The first part of the Dr Who Christmas special, which reminds me of a time when life was easier and aliens were cool.

📷 Online video / Vidéos en ligne

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En français :

What I’ve listened to / Audio

🎤 Podcasts

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Where I’ve been / Lieux

Went to Paris for the Wikimédia France related meetings. It was nice to see some community members and some old friends. It also made me realize that I feel a bit lonely at home and motivated me to try and start a new Wikimedia group in Grenoble.


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