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Liked I Quit Mastodon Again by Matthew Graybosch (matthewgraybosch.org)

My problem with Mastodon is that while I’m not vain enough to think Danko Jones was writing about me, I can’t handle moderation either. I can’t seem to only use platforms like this for an hour on Saturday night. So it’s better for me to not use it at all.

I had other reasons for quitting, but the explanation became a bit of a rant (with tangents). Read at your own risk.


Liked Designing Mastodon’s reply safety features by Sam Gold (lickability.com)

Lickability has been Mastodon’s design partner since 2021, when we helped design their first-party iOS app (and more recently, their Android app). In 1.0 for each of those apps, there have been the expected safety features — mute, block, and report. But those are very direct and technical tools. Don’t get us wrong, those features are critical to having some level of safety on any online platform. But their reach is limited to what you see, which, by definition, puts the onus on the person who needs it. If someone is bothering you, you’re required to block or mute them.