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December 2023 in review / Récap de décembre 2023


Happy new year!

I am socially drained and not ready to go back to work, and yet here I am. I am also emotionally drained due to supporting the employees with the yearly Wikimedia France fundraising.

I love my friends but they are chaotic and having sudden additions and removals to the list of people who were around is just not something I can deal with for an entire week (neither is interacting, actually).

I will try to post my 2023 reading retrospective before the end of the month. I’ve also posted 24 low-stakes accomplishments of 2023.

And now, for the December 2023 monthly review!

What I’ve read / Texte

📚 Books / Livres

En français:

  • Ada & Zangemann est une fable pour enfants sur le logiciel libre.
  • La commune au présent est une approche intéressante et un peu plus ludique que d’habitude de la Commune de Paris.

In English:

📰 News and blog posts / Articles

En français :

In English:

What I’ve watched / Vidéo

🎞 Movies / Films

The Ballad of songbird and snakes was nice enough, and definitely not life-changing.

📺 TV Shows / Séries

  • Je regarde une fois de plus Hero Corp, mais cette fois, grosse nouveauté : j’ai dépassé la saison 2 !
  • Percy Jackson and the Olympians episodes 1 and 2 were very faithful to the books, without really managing to retain the funny overall atmosphere. It’s really well made and I might keep watching, until I inevitably forget to download an episode and never think of the show again.

📷 Online video / Vidéos en ligne

En français :

In English:

What I’ve listened to / Audio

🎤 Podcasts

En français :

In English:

  • Laziness Does Not Exist with Devon Price, an interesting interview on Upstream.
  • Libraries: A Community Endeavor, with Don Gardner, was a great interview by Solarpunk Presents on the role of libraries, how we can support them and why we should, and how they survived the COVID-19 lockdowns. It ends with one piece of advice: « the best way to support your local library is to use it ».
  • I’ve been reading quite a bit about Armenia. The podcast How Azerbaijan is greenwashing genocide with Karena Avedissian and Anna, on The Fire These Times, is an excellent listen whatever your level of knowledge is.
  • If Books Could Kill is as funny and cringeworthy as ever with an episode on The Identity Trap.
  • Sarah Marshall talked about Influencers with Taylor Lorenz on You’re Wrong About, and it was fascinating.

🎹 Music

Got a wonderful saxophone CD from the local library: Slaying the Dream by Olga Amelchenko. You should listen if you like smooth instrumental jazz.

Rina Sawayama is super cool. Somehow I had not heard of her, a terrible problem that my friend Sid helpfully fixed.

What I’ve played / Jeux

Completed my first Hades run (#71). Turned god mode off. Stopped playing entirely. I’ll pick it up in a month or two as I always do.

Dusted Quiplash to entertain guests. We played my Jackbox Party Pack (3?) and my friend’s version (9). Both are really fun!

Where I’ve been / Lieux

Went sledding in Chamrousse once, it was nice. More importantly, I’ve bought skiing gear and will hopefully go at least twice in January.

Commentaire / Comment