Montagne enneigée et ciel très très bleu.


January 2024 in review − Récap de janvier 2024

January has been extremely overwhelming and given that I’m away from Feb 2nd to 13th, I’m not sure we’re heading towards calmer times. But I’m also not sure my body will give me a choice, so let’s hope things will calm down on their own, sooner than later.

Also, I was selected to carry the Olympic torch in July! It means a lot to me. I’m waiting to see if they decide to make my application essay public before then and if not, I’ll post it here!

As usual, this list is not exhaustive: it only contains my recommendations for you.

What I’ve read / Texte

📚 Books / Livres



🔍 Papers / Articles académiques

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  • DÉTREZ Christine, BANNING Oscar, BARBIER Sacha et al., « Le crush : une nouvelle éducation sentimentale ? », Réseaux, 2023/6 (N° 242), p. 51-88. DOI : 10.3917/res.242.0051.
  • TRELEANI Matteo, SHEN Shiming, MENIN Aline et al., « Circulation et répétition des images de stock dans les médias audiovisuels. La représentation visuelle des migrants dans les JT européens », Les Cahiers du numérique, 2023/1-4 (Vol. 19), p. 13-34. DOI : 10.3166/LCN.2023.002.

📰 News and blog posts / Articles

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What I’ve watched / Vidéo

📺 TV Shows / Séries

I binge-watched Vampire Academy season 1, because the novels are an absolute masterpiece. It’s very well adapted, even though a couple of changes make me cringe. Not a great show, but perfect for fans of the series.

My partner and I are (re)watching Abbott Elementary together.

📷 Online video / Vidéos en ligne

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What I’ve listened to / Audio

🎤 Podcasts

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Where I’ve been / Lieux

I went skiing! Twice! It was beautiful!!

I was also selected as one of the 100 French citizens auditioned on the future of information in France. Our role is to write down proposals from « the people » that will get ignored by the government. It’s great.


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