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Récap de février 2024 / February 2024 in review

February was just as intense as January, but thankfully shorter. I desperately need a break − which is pretty good, because I’ll be turning 30 on the 27th (woo!) and on holidays on the 28th of March. From March 31 to April 30, I’ll be touring Europe (going mostly through Northern Italy, Slovenia, Germany with a quick jump through Austria, Hungary and Croatia), and I’ll get two more weeks of in May to recover before going back to work.

Perfect timing.

Also, while I’d rather not share my entire itinerary before the trip (but will probably share as I go!), please email me or reach out to me in another way if you’re in Northern Italy, Slovenia or Germany and you’d like to grab a cup of tea − I’m covering enough cities that there’s a strong chance it will be possible!

(This month’s featured photo is actually from January because not a single photo from February was good enough to be preserved.)

What I’ve read / Texte

📚 Books / Livres

27 books in total this month, of which 10 made this list.

In English

  • Fiction
    • [The Bread the Devil Knead](# The Bread the Devil Knead), domestic abuse in Trinidad.
    • Bryony and Roses, a cute Beauty and the Beast retelling, with less abuse and more humour.
    • Speak of the devil, a whodunit where the murder is the least terrible thing that happens.
    • Rana Joon and the One and Only Now is a beautiful story of grief and poetry in the 1990s Los Angeles Iranian-American community.
  • Non-fiction
    • Free: Coming of age at the end of history, a fascinating insight into an Albanian childhood in the 1980s and 1990s.
    • Hijab Butch Blues, a memoir by a queer person of Pakistani (?) heritage whose family emigrated to an Arab country and who then left for the United States.
    • ADHD Pro was excellent in the « ADHD is an explanation, not an excuse » category of self-help books.

En français

  • Fiction
  • Non-fiction
    • La BD Replay suit l’histoire du développeur de jeux Jordan Mechner et de son grand-père, réfugié autrichien pendant la seconde guerre mondiale.

🔍 Papers / Articles académiques

In English:

  • Study Reveals Intricate Layers in the Link Between Physical Activity and Depression: news release and paper

📰 News and blog posts / Articles

In English:

En français:

What I’ve watched / Vidéo

🎞 Movies / Films

I have watched one (1) movie this month, Anatomie d’une chute / Anatomy of a Fall. It was good. Unexpectedly, it was based in my city, but I also recommend it if you don’t have a deep love for Grenoble. It’s ok. Not everyone can understand the bliss of living here.

📺 TV Shows / Séries

Rewatching Abbott Elementary with my partner, which means I’m staying as patient as I possibly can to not watch the beginning of season 3. It’s hard, y’all!

📷 Online video / Vidéos en ligne

Available in several languages:

In English:

In French:

What I’ve listened to / Audio

🎤 Podcasts

In English:

En français:

What I’ve played / Jeux

I played Hades with extreme enthusiasm once again. At about 100 runs, I’ve defeated the final boss… uh… 5 times? Hey, everyone begins somewhere. (I’m also very thankful for God mode. Thank you, Hades developers. Next accessibility mission: visual cues for everything that is currently only sound-based.)

Where I’ve been / Lieux

Went to the Bay Area for three days, to Paris for two weekends, skiing not a single time because my knee still hasn’t recovered from that end of January fall. My skiing season is probably finished with two (2) ski outings, I am absolutely heartbroken, but at least I can now start deciding on which bike I want to acquire for the warmer season 👀

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