This is a nearly-exhaustive list of the blogs I follow.


Personal blogs and websites

Obsidian, processes, work

  • [FR] L’atelier de Poslovitch, plutôt sur le logiciel libre et ses modèles de productivité.
  • [FR] Déclic, la newsletter de Célia, qui propose des conseils pour éviter le burn-out quand on aime son travail
  • [EN] Curtis McHale has a Personal Knowledge Management weekly post and a bunch of (often paywalled) thoughts
  • [EN] Nicole van der Hoeven makes videos about Obsidian and shares her transcripts as blog posts.
  • [EN] Ask a manager, an often-hilarious and sometimes useful advice column



Open culture




  • [EN] Cory Doctorow, as in « you’re a blogger? name 5 cory doctorow blog posts »
  • [EN] Darnell (seize the day), mostly about the future (and present) of social media
  • [EN] [Not a person] Walled Culture fights against copyright
  • [EN] [Not a person] IndieWeb news, where anyone can link to their blog posts about the IndieWeb

Political analysis

  • [EN] Innuendo Studios‘ blog has transcripts of all his videos, which mostly cover how the alt-right recruits and works.




Specific blogs about specific topics

Someday, I’ll create a similar list for videasts.

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    Ohhhhh. That was so nice. Thank you for the unexpected compliment. Unexpected in a way, that I never expected anybody to see me as welcoming. 🙂
    Also, there are way too many interesting sites on you list. Meant in a very positive, if a bit distracting, way.

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