101 blog posts ideas for your personal website

Inspired by James’s recent lists of 100 things you can do on your personal website, here’s a list of 100 blog posts you can write. They’re based on enthusiasm for blogging and writing, not SEO or career advancement like so many of these lists are.

I didn’t want to say content so I said blog post, but obviously, if you’re more of a video, podcast, static page or whatever else type of person, nearly everything still applies!

I also want to make it very clear, before we start, that you don’t need to have an active blog to be part of the personal web. A simple landing page with a way to contact you is a personal website. There is no pressure.

And now, let’s list 101 blog posts ideas for your personal website.


  1. A weekly recap of what you did
  2. A monthly recap of what you did
  3. A yearly recap of what you did (and what you’re looking forward to next year)
  4. When time comes: revisiting posts made on this day/week X years ago


  1. Overshare about your hobby
  2. Share a DIY tutorial
  3. Share a recipe you love
  4. Talk about a hobby you’d like to pick up, but don’t know how or where
  5. Brag about a milestone in something you’re learning
  6. Update us on your gardening plans
  7. Write in a language you’re learning
  8. Share a project you’ve thought about but never actually created and share as much info as you can so that maybe someone else will pick it up and make it happen

Fun stuff

  1. Reminisce on something nice that happened to you today
  2. Remind people to drink water. (But first, drink a tall glass of water.)
  3. Show a piece of furniture or decoration you love and tell us where it was made and why you love it
  4. Share a food crime
  5. Talk about your favourite ways of interacting
  6. Talk about your favourite hot drink
  7. Share a meme
  8. Expose hilariously bad spam you received
  9. Talk about the weather
  10. Share a horrible story of one time you lost data and remind your reader to do backups. (Also, do a backup.)
  11. Make a great pun (or post a dad joke. we can’t all be good at this.)
  12. Share some family or otherwise oral history

Memories and introspection

  1. Reflect on an important memory of yours
  2. Create an account graveyard
  3. Commemorate an anniversary
  4. Talk about a concert you went to
  5. Explain how you limit your carbon emissions
  6. Complain about a design choice you disagree with (but make it interesting)
  7. Explain what your workspace looks like, and why it looks like that
  8. Talk about a recent purchase (and make it philosophical if you want)
  9. Decide where in the world you’d like to live
  10. Talk about something you wish existed
  11. Talk about an event you attended
  12. Talk about your relationship to reading − do you like to read? Do you have time to read? What do you enjoy reading? Do audiobooks and graphic novels count as reading to you? What about online essays and news articles? Do you prefer reading on paper or on a screen? Do you track your reading?
  13. Take a photo of a beautiful landscape and explain its story
  14. Write about a lesson you learned in school that has stayed with you. (That one comes from James!)
  15. Think, about where you enjoy writing the most. (Background noise? People all around? A very quiet place? While traveling? On your phone?)
  16. Write a letter to yourself 10 years ago. What would you have liked younger you to know? (That one comes from James!)
  17. Write about a time when a friend made you laugh uncontrollably at a silly thing. (That one comes from James!)
  18. Describe what you see around you right now. It doesn’t have to be special.
  19. Write about someone who probably has no idea that they had an impact on your life
  20. Write about a dream you had − or a recurring dream. (This one is from Ana!)
  21. Write about what would you do if you weren’t in your current career path/job (This one is from Ana!)


  1. Explore the urban planning decisions of your neighbourhood
  2. List the places you’ve lived in or visited
  3. List the places you’d like to live in or visit
  4. Share tourist tips for a place you love to visit
  5. Write about a local street’s history
  6. Tell us what makes your region different from the rest of the world (make « region » as specific as you want)
  7. Share a cute or funny graffiti
  8. Share the .gpx file of a walk or bike ride you enjoy.


  1. Makes notes on a complex article or book for people who don’t have time to read and understand it in full
  2. Document tips and explain why they’re useful
  3. Share your method for solving an issue you have (whether it’s common or not, you’re probably not the only person in the world who has it)
  4. Share how you organize your to-do tasks
  5. Share how people in your region deal with very hot or very cold weather
  6. Share an useful website that not many people know about
  7. Talk about the apps and tools you use
  8. Write about your expertise for people to learn from you
  9. Introduce a nonprofit that advances a cause you care about

Interacting with the rest of the Internet

  1. Muse out loud about something you haven’t made your mind up about and learn from replies
  2. A list of personal websites with nice homepages
  3. Reply to someone else’s post with your own thoughts
  4. Thank someone who helped you with something
  5. Share a blog post by your friend who’s finally getting into blogging
  6. Make a blogroll and explain why these specific people are in it
  7. Share what you like to see on websites, be it content or design
  8. Link to your favourite Wikipedia page (the one with the highest quality)
  9. Link to your favourite Wikipedia page (the most absurd one)
  10. A roundup of interesting links from elsewhere on the Internet


  1. A list of games you like (if that’s too vague, make it more specific, like ad-free mobile games)
  2. Write about a book you recently read
  3. Write about a movie you recently watched
  4. Write about a TV show you recently watched
  5. Write about a podcast you like and share one episode that’s particularly good
  6. Write about music you keep listening to these days
  7. Write about what your ideal movie would be
  8. Tell us how you follow (personal and media) news
  9. Ask for reading / watching / other recommendations
  10. Get excited about an upcoming event
  11. Write about a recent trip
  12. Write about the films you think you should re-watch at different stages of your life. (This one is from Ana!)
  13. Make a playlist or mixtape and share it


  1. Share quotes from the book you’ll never write − sentences that come to you and sound good
  2. Say what one word means to you (an example: « community »)
  3. Write flash fiction
  4. Share the definition of new words or expressions that you learn
  5. Make up a word and define it

For non-native English speakers

  1. Take a blog post you made in English and translate it to your native language (or the other way round)
  2. Translate a good post (preferably under a Creative Commons license that allows you to do so) from English to your native language to make it accessible to more people

Very meta musings

  1. Say what you think about blog comment sections
  2. Talk about how you got into personal websites
  3. Talk about what the personal web means to you
  4. Tell us about the changes you make to your website
  5. Make a list of things to do with your website
  6. Explain why your About Me page looks like this and why you chose to include the information that’s in there
  7. Take part in a post carnival (I like the indieweb carnival!)
  8. Say you don’t know what to write about
  9. Make a list of 100 (or 50, or 1, or 1000) things to post on your personal blog, of course 🙂



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  1. My first blog was on Blogger; my last was a static site I edited through GitHub. After 23 years writing online, my ideal website is somewhere in between. I’m hoping this is Ghost.

    I’m a techie, but I’m not a programmer. So when I first looked at Ghost for my