Listened Solarpunk Now! Episode 1 by Luka D. from

Solarpunk Now! is my latest #podcast find. It’s in English and talks about the future of our world, with #solarpunk ethics, of course. The intro episode touches on the difference between cottagecore and solarpunk and on why cottagecore too often leads to ecofascism, and I thought it was super interesting; the other episodes, if I…

des colonisations

Listened La colonisation et je ne sais quoi encore by Des Colonisations from Spectre Podcasts

Le discours public actuel sur la colonisation, c’est souvent le même que pendant l’ère coloniale. Et tout en haut de l’État, on préfère essayer d’interdire l’étude de la colonisation sous prétexte d’islamo-gauchisme plutôt que de prendre nos responsabilités et d’essayer d’améliorer les choses.

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For a while I was deeply into the podcasting universe, but these days I really just want text that I can consume in my own way, at my own pace, using my own imagination. Call it impatience. But I love that podcasts exist and that so many people make and listen.

Same here, my format preferences really ebb and flow. A podcast with a transcript or with detailed show notes will do the trick beautifully if you want to keep me loyal over several months of years!