5-star reviews

Liked How was your experience? by Chris Coyier (

I just want to echo Josh’s sentiment: In a way, it’s hard to blame companies because they honestly want to know and, in the best-case scenario, actually use what they get to make things better. But it’s oh-so-overwhelming. Just constantly about every single little thing. One of my favorites is when you log into hotel […]

I hate, hate, hate satisfaction surveys. I like Kévin‘s suggestion in the comments:

My only takeaway here is that, if you got one after speaking / chatting / writing to an actual human you should fill it in, five stars all the way (unless there is a real thing that person did that was in their control to you during that contact) as there is almost always a bonus they rely on to scrape by linked to it. Just don’t expect any real change to come from these things and don’t waste your time on a cold survey.

I’m happy to give a 5-star review to a human and to keep ignoring the others!

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